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Collect documents from your clients easily.

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How it works

1. Import contacts

Easily import, organize and manage your contacts.

2. Send requests

Request files and documents from a contact or group of contacts. It's as easy as writing an email.

3. Pingman will do the rest

Pingman will reach out to your contacts and follow up with them individually via email and sms till they respond.

4. Track

Track and manage your requests via a smart dashboard.

Save time

Countless hours are wasted on following up with clients for documents and information.

Pingman intelligently automates follow-ups to add more productive time to your day.

Keep track

Most offices rely on spreadsheets to keep track of document requests and follow-ups.

Pingman offers built-in tracking so you don't have to manually keep track of everything.

File smarter

Documents shared with your clients are stored with bank level security and neatly organized in the cloud.

Searching for documents is a joy. Access them anytime, anywhere.